HD 3340 - The Growth of the Mind (Cross-Listed)

Spring. 4 credits. S-U or letter grade option.

Recommended: course in human experimental psychology, statistics, or HD 1150 or equivalent, or permission of instructor.

B. Lust.

Introduces the fundamental issues of cognition. Basic debates within the study of cognition are introduced and discussed throughout.

HD 3370 - [Language Development](Cross-Listed)

Spring. 4 credits. S–U grades optional.

Prerequisite: at least one course in developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, cognitive development, neurobiology, biology, or linguistics. next offered 2012-2013 Open to undergraduate and graduate students. Supplemental lab course available (HD 4370, PSYCH 4370, COGST 4500/LING 4450). Graduate students also should enroll in HD 6370

B. Lust.

Surveys basic issues, methods, and research in the study of first-language acquisition. Considers major theoretical positions in the field in the light of experimental studies in first-language acquisition of phonology, syntax, and semantics from infancy on. The fundamental issues of relationships between language and thought are discussed, as are the fundamental linguistic issues of “Universal Grammar” and the biological foundations for language acquisition. The acquisition of communication systems in nonhuman species such as chimpanzees is addressed, but major emphasis is on the child.

HD 4270 - [Entering a Virtual Linguistic Lab: New Cybertools for the Scientific Study of Language Acquisition](Cross-Listed)

Spring. 4 credits. S–U or letter grade option.

Prerequisite: permission of instructor is required.

B. Lust.

Students learn principles and procedures for the scientific and collaborative study of language acquisition, empowered by new possibilities offered by current cyberinfrastructure. Several new cybertools to aid the study of language acquisition are introduced, as well as principles and best practices for research through their use. A series of web conferences link Cornell language acquisition labs with other labs across the country. A hands-on component involves students in development of their role in collaborative research, including research design, analyses, and data management. Students attend a weekly lab meeting for 1.5 hours per week, read pertinent papers, write reaction responses, and work 10.5 hours per week in the laboratory completing tasks that contribute to ongoing research studies.

HD 4340 - Current Topics in Cognitive Development(Cross-Listed)

Spring. 3 credits. S-U or letter grade option.

Prerequisite: HD 3340/COGST 3340 or permission of instructor. Limited to 20 students.

B. Lust.

Supplements survey course HD 3340/COGST 3340 with additional discussion of current research in the area of cognitive development.

HD 4370 - [Lab Course: Language Development](Cross-Listed)

Fall. 4 credits.

Prerequisite: HD 3370/COGST 3370 / PSYCH 4360/LING 4436. Next offered 2012-2013. Permission of instructor is required. Limited to 20 students.

B. Lust.

Optional supplement to the survey course Language Development (HD 3370/COGST 3370/PSYCH 4360/LING 4436). The lab course provides students with a hands-on introduction to scientific research, including design and methods, in the area of first-language acquisition.

HD 6330 - [Language Acquisition Seminar](Cross-Listed)

Fall. 1–4 credits, variable.

Prerequisite: LING 4436 or equivalent or permission of instructor. Next offered 2012-2013.

B. Lust.

For description, see LING 6633.

HD 6370 - [First-Language Acquisition](Cross-Listed)

Spring. 1-4 credits, variable.

Prerequisite: COGST 3370, HD 3370 and permission of the instructor.

B. Lust.