Exploring Activation of an International component in a Virtual Center for the Study of Language Acquisition

Barbara Lust, Professor, Department of Human Development
Sujin Yang, Graduate Student, Department of Human Development

Today, in this digital age, the possibilities for international collaboration have expanded exponentially. By incorporating the possibilities of cyberinfrastructure which have become available to the sciences, research and education can now exploit an international dimension in ways not possible before. At this time, the Cornell Language Acquisition Lab has begun to build a Virtual Center for Language Acquisition in order to begin to exploit these new possibilities. To date, this Virtual Center has integrated 8 institutions across the United States in the study of language acquisition through a small Planning Grant from NSF and several international sites are eager to join, including India, South Korea, Peru, and Taiwan among others. The founding members from these institutions have built principles and materials in a Virtual Linguistics Lab (VLL) for creating and sharing research materials and data, allowing collaborative work among researchers separate in distance and discipline. Through the seed funding, the aim is to explore what it will take in order for us to initiate first international extension of the Virtual Research and Learning Environments we are building through the VCLA, crucially exploiting new possibilities available today through the internet and related means of information exchange. The project will seek to begin to expand the infrastructure we have established nationally to an international dimension, crucially building on new possibilities in a virtual internet-based dimension.