Grant: Hatch Grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture NYC-321410

PIs: Prof. Barbara Lust and Maria Blume

Purpose: An open archive of language development data is being established through the creation of an electronic library of "Words of the World's Children" by the Cornell Language Acquisition Lab in conjunction with Cornell Libraries.

Languages samples collected from children along varied points of language development is being structured, copied and converted to electronic format in order to become accessible through the world wide web and in order to create a permanent resource which can be continually expanded.

Initially, coded natural speech samples from more than 200 children acquiring English in the US and from around 75 children acquiring Spanish in Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain and Mexico, will be made available. These will establish a prototype for the subsequent archiving of data from many hundreds of monolingual and multilingual children in nearly 20 countries and languages around the world. These data exist in the CLAL now and are continually being expanded through research there.

A set of Cornell Language Acquisition Lab Manuals will also be made available electronically to allow researchers, students and teachers, as well as the general public, to both contribute to and benefit from scientific investigation of children's language acquisition.