Grant Titles:

  • National Science Foundation Award (2004-2006)
    National Science Foundation Award: Planning Information Infrastructure Through a New Library-Research Partnership. (SGER) (With Janet McCue, Director, Mann Library) (Supplement 2005-2006)
  • National Science Foundation Award (2001-2006)
    Planning Grant Proposal: A Virtual Center for Child Language Acquisition Research.
  • National Science Foundation Award (1997-1999)
    Undergraduate Faculty Enhancement (with Richard Larson). "Linguistics and the Language Sciences: New Computer Based Methods and Materials for Undergraduate Education." Workshop held at LSA Institute, June 1997. A presentation was proposed for an Undergraduate Faculty Enrichment Workshop in June 29-July 6, 1997 at Cornell University. It was funded by NSF #DUE 9653366, titled, "Linguistics and the Language Sciences: New Computer-based Methods and Materials for Undergraduate Education." The link to the full presentation can be reached here.
  • NSF (REU) Instrumentation and Lab Improvement Award (1995-1999)
    "InterdisciplinaryApproaches to the Scientific Study of Language Knowledge and Acquisition: Cornell University Cognitive Studies" (with Jongman & Lantolf).

Cornell Grants:

  • Einaudi Center Seed Grant (2007-2008)
    Exploring Activation of an International Component in a virtual center for the study of language acquisition. (with Sujin Yang)
  • Cornell University FABIT Award (2006-2007)
    FIT (Faculty Innovation in Teaching) Award. “A VRE (Virtual Research Environment) for Language Acquisition and Cognitive Science. (with Yarden Kedar)
  • FABIT (Faculty Innovation in Teaching) Award (2003-2005)
    "Integrating Digital multimedia resources in two interdisciplinary language development courses" (with Maria Blume)
  • New York State Hatch Grant (2001-2005)
    Cornell Language Acquisition Lab: Building an Electronic Library of Words of the World’s Children (with Maria Blume)
  • CISER Award (2001)
    Building an Interdisciplinary Infrastructure to Foster Collaboration among Research Scientists in the Language Sciences: A Proposal to Create an Instrument-based Virtual Linguistics Laboratory for the International Study of Language Acquisition and Neural Plasticity
  • Cornell University CHE Award (2000)
    Web Page Development
  • Cornell University Distance Learning Award (1999)
  • CHE Technology Award (1999, 1998)